6 Must-Have Truck Accessories Installed in San Antonio

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Outfitting Your New Truck with Performance Accessories

Trucks continue to be an attractive option for people in San Antonio. Part of the reason you bought a truck is its versatility. Whether it’s for family or work use, these multipurpose vehicles play a significant role in our lives. You can convert your truck into an all-around vehicle with the right truck accessories at your disposal.

A lot of modern trucks come equipped with top-line aspects such as a navigation system, leather seats, etc. Modern trucks are still tough and resilient on the outside even though they have become luxurious and family friendly on the inside. It only makes sense to add a few accessories and turn your ride into a more capable vehicle. At R2 Motorsports we offer different varieties of accessories, to make your trucks more resourceful and efficient.

Here are 6 of the many truck accessories you must have installed in San Antonio:

  • Truck Racks
  • Truck Floor Mats & Truck Seat Covers
  • Truck Tailgate Protector
  • Lift Kits & Suspension
  • Tonneau Covers
  • Engine Chips

Truck Racks for Motorcycles and More

Loading ramps provide the primary safe and simple method of loading equipment into your truck. At some point, you will need to load something into your truck or transport your motorbike. There are many ways of loading your motorbike, and one option is lifting and placing it on the truck. This option doesn’t guarantee safety to you, and in the process, you can also damage the motorbike or the truck. You can avoid such incidents by using ramps to load or unload equipment from the vehicle. Ramps are vastly useful as loading and unloading can be done fast and efficiently.

Another improvement that can make your truck much more valuable and handy is a headache rack. Headache racks are aluminum or steel attachments that mount to the truck’s bed, just before the cab. The headache rack prevents the loose cargo in the back from flying forward, through the rear window. Purchase the powder-coated steel or high-quality aluminum to avoid corrosion.

Truck Floor Mats & Truck Seat Covers

The outside of your truck may reflect how hard it has worked, but the inside can be comfortable and appealing. The cleanliness of your truck’s interior is as important as the exterior. A well-kept interior adds quality to your driving experience and assures comfort and safety. Why buy seat covers? Seat covers offer protections to the interior of your car and keeps the seats from damages and stains. Seat covers also improve the interior appearance of your vehicle. A set of quality floor mats keeps the carpets underneath nice and clean.

Truck Tailgate & Bed Protector

Tailgates and truck beds undergo and withstand a lot of abuse when you load things in and out of your truck. The tailgate is where objects are dragged in and out of the truck’s bed causing dents and scratches. Protecting it with a tailgate protector from R2 Motorsports ensures it looks good for an extended period. A good tailgate protector covers both the loading side and the top of the tailgate to ensure durability.

Lift Kits & Suspension

There are several aftermarket modifications that you can apply to upgrade a truck to your specifications. One of the most common modifications is lifting your car through the use of a body or suspension lift kit. You can change the performance of your truck, change the look, or install taller tires by literally picking your vehicle higher off the ground. The addition of a lift kit can enhance the look and performance of your car. Lifting your vehicle helps you maneuver on diverse terrain without damaging the undercarriage.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are common truck accessories that are used to cover truck beds. The truck bed covers come in the form of soft tonneau cover or hard tonneau cover and have vast benefits. Tonneau covers offer safe transport of your equipment or luggage from rain, wind, or snow. Installing the cover helps reduce air drag, thus increasing your gas mileage by 7%. The luggage being transported is well covered and protected from potential thieves and damages.

Engine Chips

An electronic control unit (ECU) is an effective tool used for gaining usable horsepower if done right. Engine chip is a control unit which controls engine performance. Truck drivers are concerned with fuel efficiency because a difference in efficiency may mean a large difference in cost over time. Engine chips can provide good fuel economy, but can’t account for factors like the drivers driving behavior, maintenance practices, or geographical locations. ECU increases the vehicles horsepower which is vital to drivers who use their trucks for tough work.

There are numerous accessories you can use to enhance the performance of your truck. The upgrades and accessories you choose will impact directly on what you can do with your truck. You can get all these truck accessories in San Antonio, Texas at R2 Motorsports.

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