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When you upgrade your car’s performance, you need to re-program the vehicle’s computer accordingly. R2 Motorsports have the equipment and software required to tune your car correctly, not only for optimum power but also for safety and drivability. R2 Motorsports in San Antonio, Texas has many different options to help you get most out of your car or engine. They are equipped with the best equipment needed to tune, break-in, or diagnose your vehicle’s condition.

Why Dyno Tuning Matters

Dyno tuning matters because it enhances the engine to produce maximum power. The most efficient engine is the one that delivers ultimate power in the least amount of fuel. Dyno tuning helps your car meet the perfect balance of power and efficiency. You can obtain better fuel economy, drivability, and extra power all at the same time by dyno tuning your car or motorcycle. A properly dyno tuned car not only runs better but also extends the time between service and maintenance. This is made possible because the engine runs smoother burning the proper amount of fuel.

What Is Dyno-Tuning?

Dyno tuning is a process built to boost the overall performance of a car. This is the process of linking your car to a computer and running special diagnostic programs while the car runs at different speeds on a dynamometer. The process of dyno-tuning includes:

  • The initial step to dyno-tuning to ascertain from the customer if the car has any particular problems or point of concern such as surging, missing, lack of power, etc.
  • The next step is determining if the engine is mechanically sound by checking the engine compression. Inspection of apparent optic problems such as loose plug wires, broken vacuum lines, or extra dirty carburetor is carried out.
  • The right heat range of the spark plug to be used is determined according to your vehicles application.
  • The distributor is removed and placed in a machine known as a synchro graph for dynamical and extensive testing. After determining the distributor is in good condition, the centrifugal rate is modified to improve the engine responsiveness and pulling power. The vacuum is increased to offer maximum gas mileage, and faulty ignition components are replaced.
  • Your car is placed on a dynamometer and tested while the engine is running, in gear, and under different speeds or load conditions. Under these tests, the engine performance is monitored by comparing the horsepower transferred to the drive wheels to the amount of engine vacuum.

Do You Want Extra Horsepower?

Horsepower is what takes your car to high top speed. Horsepower is the measure of the rate of work an engine can do. Fast accelerating cars help you beat traffic lights with ease. Horsepower is accountable for moving the vehicle along giving it the ability to cruise on the road and accelerate to high speed. High horsepower is mainly used in racing and sports cars. Increasing horsepower not only helps you go fast but also enhances throttle input to assist you in all driving conditions. Are you fascinated by fast cars? Then you will love the extra horsepower.

Professional Tuning, So You Don’t Blow Up Your Car

What you get out of your car dyno tuning project is very much dependent on the tuner. Take your vehicle to a professional dyno tuner to avoid blowing up your car and many extra costs in the future. Dyno tuning involves pushing your car’s engine harder, so the chances of blowing up your car are much higher when done improperly. Increase your vehicle’s performance without damaging it at R2 Motorsports.

Help your car meet the perfect balance of power and efficiency by professionally tuning it. Do you want the best dyno-tuning for your car? Visit R2 Motorsports in San Antonio, Texas.

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