Must-Have Affordable Upgrades for Jeep Owners

Not Every Improvement Has to Cost a Fortune

Discover the Best Upgrades that Won’t Break the Bank

You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your Jeep. Upgrades can be done to any vehicle old or new to improve its performance and appearance. One of the key considerations often made while upgrading your vehicle is the affordability of parts. Are the upgrades pocket-friendly? If you are looking for accessories that are not only affordable but also quality, then R2 Motorsports in San Antonio is the place to visit.

Here is a list of a few of the affordable and essential modification accessories that you can get:

  • New Bumpers
  • Entry Guards
  • Floor Liners
  • Grab Handles
  • Hood Latches
  • LED Lights
  • Recovery Gear
  • Versa Hitch
  • Interior Security Storage

New Bumpers

Bumpers are structures attached or joined to the front and rear ends of a vehicle. They absorb impact in minor collisions minimizing repair costs. Therefore an excellent bumper is needed not only for off-road use but also for everyday protection. At R2 Motorsports in San Antonio, you are provided with a broad range of bumpers that are of high quality and are affordable too.

Entry Guards

Why entry guards, you may ask. Each time you get in and out of your Jeep, it’s another opportunity for the interior door sills to get scratched. You can protect this area by adding a set of door entry guards. Do you want your car to look good for a long time? Entry guards add both style and protection to an overlooked area of your vehicle. These guards are must for your upgrade list.

Floor Liners

Your vehicle’s interior faces many challenges every day. Spilled coffee and dropped snacks, mud, water or road salt can quickly leave stains on your floor covers. Not to mention, rips and other wear and tear that your floor encounters daily. Floor liners are molded to the shape of a particular vehicle’s interior to provide a perfect fit. They protect the floor from any “mess” and also give your car’s interior an exquisite look.

Grab Handles

It might sound silly but grab handles are important for your vehicle. Some people think that their purpose is only for use while inside a vehicle, but that’s not true. They’re meant to allow a bit of support when entering and exiting the vehicle. Use the grab handle to assist you in getting your body in and out of the vehicle. Jeep and truck grab handles can be customized to give them a stylish look.

Hood Latches

While driving at high speed, you’ve probably noticed an alarming amount of hood movement. You feel like your hood will tear off at any minute. The reason behind this is that the factory latches are made of soft, stretchy rubber that isn’t able to keep the hood safely in place at higher speeds. Do not be alarmed for this latches can be replaced with affordable and better gear. Swap your loose hood latch with a top-brand hood latch from R2 Motorsports in San Antonio. No matter how fast you drive or how bumpy the ride is an upgraded hood latch keeps your hood secure and rattle-free!

LED Lights

When it comes to Jeep lighting, LED lights are so far the best. Would you like to save more energy in your vehicle? LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are currently one of the latest modifications. Their light production at both low and high beam is nearly double the factory headlight output. Regardless of this powerful light, the amp draw is smaller than half what factory lights require. LEDs not only save you energy but are also brighter. You deserve to upgrade to LED lights.

GoRhino front bumper with locking storage draw for recovery gear

Recovery Gear

When your vehicle is caught in a torrential downpour on a steep mountain track, stuck in thick mud or bogged in a remote desert, the reliability, performance, and durability of your recovery gear is of great importance. The recovery gear is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, making it ideal for recreational use as well as competition. The only thing preventing your vehicle from possible danger is a narrow fabric strap, nothing but the best upgrades will do. You can get this essential accessory at R2 Motorsports in San Antonio at an affordable price.

Versa Hitch

You may want to latch some bikes to the back of your vehicle or add a rear cargo rack for an individual trip. You can easily accomplish this with a versa hitch. The unique features of a Versa hitch give you the ability to tow, while also harnessing a cargo or bike stand, all at once.

Interior Security Storage

One of the biggest appeals about a Jeep has always been its uneven, open design. This means that storage security can be a challenge. And it is never easy to get additional storage space for your Jeep. From under seat drawers to glove compartments, there’s no shortage of options to help you stay organized, but are they secure? For interior cargo options, Jeep owners who need interior security storage can install lockable solid 16-gauge steel consoles either in the middle of the front seats, under seat, overhead, or even at the back cargo area.

By adding storage packs to places such as the roll cages, tailgate, seats, or sound bar you increase the storage security. If security is a concern every time you leave the Jeep with its top-down, lockable center consoles and glove boxes are great options. There are also full cargo drawer and storage solutions that not only give you a perfect place to keep all your off-road gear arranged, but they can be securely locked as well.

We all love Jeeps because of their versatility and off-road capabilities. At R2 Motorsports in San Antonio, you can find performance accessories at competitive prices. Upgrade your Jeep to give it that good appearance and enhance its performance.

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