Must-Have Off-Road Truck or Jeep Improvements – Part 1

Let Us Outfit Your Truck or Jeep for Performance & Style

Outfitting Your Truck with the Best Off-Road Improvements

Off-road trucks and Jeeps have a huge following in San Antonio, Texas because of their versatility. Modern trucks are not only built to handle highways comfortably but also handle gravel surfaces and harsh terrain. Off-road trucks need several characteristics to drive off pavement successfully. They need to have low ground pressure to avoid sinking in soft surfaces. Before traversing harsh terrain, make sure there is plenty of space between the underside of your vehicle and the surface. You are likely to damage the underbody of your truck while driving over rocks or stumps without this ground clearance. There are several off-road accessories you can add to your truck before facing jarring territories.

These modifications include:

  • Better Tires
  • Aftermarket Shocks
  • High-Performance Air Intake
  • After-cat Exhaust System
  • Suspension Lift

Better Tires

All-terrain tires make it possible for you to take your Jeep off-road and they can be used all year round. Better tires are designed to give extra traction in rough conditions such as snow, sand, rocks, and mud. These tires are strong, durable, and some models have reinforced sidewall meaning they are not easily punctured. Large footprints provide more floatation on soft surfaces, increase in traction, and offers better ground clearance. Tougher sidewalls provide an extra cushion between the rocks and the rim, resulting to better riding comfort. Get all-terrain tires at R2 Motorsports in San Antonio and improve your trucks off-road capabilities.

Aftermarket Shocks

Most factory shocks wear out quickly especially if you frequently hit the rough roads. Aftermarket quality shocks help in controlling suspension and improve your cars off-road performance. The major function of shock absorbers is to dampen the bouncing motion of the vehicle’s body. By keeping the body movements under control, the vehicle’s tires remain in contact with the ground for improved control. Aftermarket shocks enhance handling at high speeds or when driving in rocky and bumpy conditions. Grab a suspension kit for your truck or jeep at R2 Motorsports today.

High-Performance Air Intake

Cold air intake is one of the ways to increase engine performance. An engine takes in air, mixes it with fuel and burns the resulting mixture to produce power. High-performance air intake provides more air for combustion, resulting in the engine reaching desired speeds faster. When there isn’t enough air running through the engine, the car consumes more fuel to compensate the lack of oxygen. Pumping more air reduces fuel consumption which translates to economic fuel expenses. The simple off-road installation of an upgraded air intake increases the speed, power, efficiency, and sound of your vehicle.

After-cat Exhaust System

A cat back exhaust system starts from the section of the outlet of the catalytic converter to the exhaust tips. The cat exhaust has a larger diameter pipe as opposed to the factory exhaust. The cat-back exhaust is preferred by truck owners because it’s an easy way to increase torque and horsepower. The larger diameter pipe frees up the exhaust, meaning the engine can breathe better and generate more power.

Suspension Lift Kit

There are many off-road accessories and modifications that owners add to their trucks to improve their versatility. Among those adjustments is a suspension lift. This is the method of using a suspension lift kit to pick the vehicle higher off the ground and install bigger tires. Raising your car changes its appearance and other aspects of its performance and character. A suspension lift will give a vehicle more travel and be better suited to off-road maneuvers.

You can convert your truck into an all-around vehicle with the right off-road accessories at your disposal. R2 Motorsports in San Antonio, Texas offer these and more off-road installation upgrades.

Do you want more off-road truck and jeep improvement tips? See Part 2 of our top improvements list.

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