Must-Have Performance Upgrades for Jeep Owners

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Unlocking the Freedom of Jeep Ownership

A Jeep gives you the freedom to drive anywhere you desire due to its known performance capabilities on pavements and off-road. A Jeep can be upgraded to improve its performance on harsh terrains. Ever thought of upgrading your vehicle? Jeep accessory upgrades come with a lot of advantages such as improving appearance, performance, and horsepower. Among the Jeep performance accessories found at the R2 Motorsports in San Antonio here are a few must-haves to begin with:

  • Jeep Lift Kits
  • Tire Upgrades
  • Bead Locks
  • Performance Hood
  • LED Headlights
  • LED Bar Lights
  • Heavy Duty Frontline and Rear Drivelines

Jeep Lift Kits

Lift kits are designed to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle. This keeps the alignment and geometry that your vehicle originally had and also improves its appearance. A lift kit works by raising the suspension of a car through the replacement of the front and rear shocks and leaf springs. Increasing the ground clearance of the Jeep allows the driver to go over more dangerous terrain without the fear of damaging the under carriage. However, lifting requires top-notch Jeep performance accessories such as the Jeep Lift kit. At R2 Motorsports, San Antonio you get many options for top quality lift kits complete with all other components and parts needed to lift your vehicle successfully.

Tire Upgrades

Good tires improve the handling of your vehicle. One of the most common questions we hear is, “What size tires should I get for my Jeep?” This query is very crucial since the type of tires chosen affects the gas mileage and the wear and tear on other parts. Most owners begin with 40″ tires and 6″ lifts. However, this is a perfect idea only if you’re a rock crawler and use the Jeep strictly for off-road use. In reality, you may commute 50 miles daily on the freeway in your Jeep. If you have 40” tires, the gas mileage and wear and tear of commuting becomes expensive. However, at R2 Motorsports, San Antonio, a range of options exists for tire upgrades to match your needs

Bead Locks

The term bead in a tire refers to the edge of a tire that sits on the wheel. Proper inflation of the tire makes the air pressure within the tire hold beads in the groove. A bead lock is a device that secures the bead of a tire to the wheel of a vehicle. Good bead locks come with a lot of benefits such as the ability to mount tires without a machine, run low pressure when off-roading and be able to reseat the bead if it pops off. However, there must be bead balance for these upgrades to be impactful. Bead locks are one of the Jeep performance accessories found at the R2 Motorsports, San Antonio.

Performance Hood

The hood is the attached cover over the engine of the vehicle that allows access to the engine compartment, for maintenance and repair. A good hood protects the engine and its compartments from theft and damage. Therefore, a high-performance hood is necessary if you want to hit the off-road and enjoy your experience. Other hood modifications can also include better airflow and ventilation, plus hold downs for more rugged driving.

LED Headlights

LED headlights are the latest invention that make the lights of the vehicle brighter, use up less power, and turn on instantly compared to regular headlights. At the R2 Motorsports in San Antonio, this is one of the Jeep performance accessories that make your vehicle energy efficient.

LED Bar Lights

These are super bright LED lights in a bar form mounted at suitable places to enhance visibility and also to improve the appearance of the vehicle. The LED strip lights may be used as fog lights or off-road daytime running lights. You can hit the rough terrain even at night with these led bar lights.

Heavy Duty Frontline and Rear Drivelines

A driveline is a group of components that deliver power to the wheels. It excludes the engine and the transmission. Heavy duty frontline and rear driveline improve the handling of the car. This makes the steering more predictable in low traction conditions. The vehicle’s weight is evenly balanced and the cost of maintenance is reduced.

There are countless accessories you can use to enhance the performance of your jeep. Whether it’s for family or work use, these multipurpose vehicles play a significant role in our lives. You can get all these Jeep accessories in San Antonio, Texas at R2 Motorsports.

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