Top Auto Performance Upgrades for Your New Car – Part 2

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Why Performance Accessories Are a Must

Whether your vehicle is old or new, there is always something to improve upon. R2 Motorsports in San Antonio have the top automotive parts and performance upgrades for your car at competitive prices. Car manufacturers have turned most modern vehicles to be more conservative of their real potential. They do this to prolong the vehicles reliability within their sparse car maintenance schedules. Performance modification can help you gain remarkable improvements on your car without major pitfalls.

Some of the top auto performance upgrades for your new car include:

  • Stiffer Motor Mounts
  • Performance Seats
  • High-Temperature Brake Pads
  • Less Restrictive Cold-Air Intake
  • Stainless-Steel Braided Brake Lines

Stiffer Motor Mounts

Motor mounts are metal brackets that attach the engine on one end and the car’s engine bay on the other end. The motor mounts are designed to hold the engine in place. Although motor mounts vary in appearance to accommodate different engine layouts, they are similar in structure. Adding stiffer motor mounts to your vehicle enhances the engine response and handling precision. More engine noises and driveline vibration may occur after adding stiffer motor mounts.

Performance Seats

Many drivers spend a lot on suspension, tire and handling upgrades to improve the grip and cornering of their car. However, if you are still sliding off the cars vinyl seats, then the other enhancements aren’t going to matter much. New performance seats are comfortable and offer great body support for better pedal and steering control.

High-Temperature Brake Pads

Cars are designed to move forward quickly and to do that they need a powerful engine. Nevertheless, you don’t want your car causing an accident, so you need a good set of brakes. Upgrade your car with high-temperature brake pads for high performance and safety. High-temperature brake pads cause less fade during heavy brake use or emergency deceleration. When these brake pads are cold or wet, they offer poor brake performance, and they produce squealing noises. You can get quality high-temperature brake pads in San Antonio at R2 Motorsports.

Less Restrictive Cold-Air Intake

A cold-air intake is a first and simplest modification you can do in less than an hour. The point of replacing a restrictive airbox is to allow natural air flow without any baffles. A cold air intake not only frees up the airflow to your engine, but also feeds the cooler, and allows more condensed air which is good for the engine. Less restrictive cold-air intake enhances engine operations, particularly at high speed. On the flipside, the cold-air intake increases noise and maintenance needs.

Stainless-Steel Braided Brake Lines

Brake lines are one of the most important parts of a braking system. Unlike rubber brake lines, stainless-steel braided lines don’t expand under pressure created by applying the brakes. They offer more consistent performance when driving and they last longer. Braided brake lines provide quicker brake response, and there are minimal chances of ruptured lines. Braided brake lines are useful modifications, but they tend to be expensive.

Most people want their vehicles to be economical and enjoyable to drive for a variety of conditions. Before upgrading the performance of your car, carry out thorough research to avoid extra expenses in the future. You can get all of these upgrades and more in San Antonio, Texas at R2 Motorsports.

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