Top Auto Performance Upgrades for Your New Car – Part 1

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Outfitting Your New Car with Performance Accessories

Modern vehicles have immensely advanced to meet the emissions and fuel economy standards. This has made it difficult to improve over the factory designs. However, there are top auto performance upgrades that are used to enhance comfort and accessibility standards. There are bolt-on components that offer high performance without permanent modification to your new car. You can get these bolt-on parts and other upgrades in San Antonio, Texas at R2 Motorsports.

The bolt-on components include:

  • Automotive Engine Tuning and Calibration
  • Supercharger & Turbo-Charger Upgrades
  • Cam Packages
  • Wider Wheels and Tires
  • High-Performance Shocks/Springs/Coil-Over Springs
  • Larger Anti-Roll Bars
  • Adjustable Top Strut Mounts, Chassis Braces
  • Larger Diameter Catalyst-Back Exhaust

Automotive Engine Tuning and Calibration

Engine tuning is the modification of the internal combustion engine or its control units. Automotive engine tuning and calibration ensure the engine is running at peak efficiency. There are numerous ways of improving your engine’s performance because manufacturers use conservative settings and low-cost production methods.

Engine tuning and calibration enhance your car to reach optimum power and also improve drivability and safety. The most efficient engine is the one that delivers ultimate power in the least amount of fuel. You can obtain better fuel economy, drivability, and extra power all at the same time by tuning your car. Engine tuning and calibration leave the engine running smoother thus meeting the perfect balance of power and efficiency.

Supercharger Upgrades

A supercharger is an air compressor that heightens the density of air supplied to the engine. This helps provide the engine with more oxygen to burn fuel efficiently which results to growth in power. Superchargers are driven by a belt, gear, shaft or chain connected to the crankshaft. Superchargers provide significant power gains with minimum drawbacks. They produce additional power at much lower engine speeds. There are two main types of superchargers, dynamic compressors, and positive displacement superchargers. A positive displacement supercharger gives a constant level of boost, while dynamic compressors provide boost proportional to the engine’s speed.

Wider Wheels and Tires

Although wider wheels are expensive, they immensely improve the appearance of your car. Narrow tires curve more in corners which has a huge effect on stability and due to their width they don’t make a lot of contact with the road. The first thing you will notice when driving a car with wider tires is the great stability that goes with them. Bigger wheels make more contact with the road, and their stiffness contributes to better stability.

Just like stability, due to the improved road holding the braking distance decreases. Bigger tires weigh more, and this makes the engine work harder leading to slow acceleration. The additional weight can swamp the shock absorbers and spring making the car uncomfortable. Plus sizing your tires is the simplest way of improving handling. This means proportionally reducing the sidewall height, increasing wheel diameter, and increasing width to ensure the bigger wheels keep equal diameter.

High-Performance Shocks/Springs/Coil-Over Springs

The springs are the foundation of the suspension system because they enable the up and down movement of the wheels with minimum impact on the car’s body. However, the spring’s primary job is to hold the weight of the vehicle and its cargo. The work of the shocks is to control the motion of the spring. Installing high-performance shocks and springs ensures the tires stay in contact with the road on bumps and at high speeds. Adding these components to your car can make the ride stiffer and steering rough. Grab a quality suspension kit for your vehicle today at R2 Motorsports.

Larger Anti-Roll Bars

The anti-roll bars also referred to as sway bars reduce body roll by linking both sides of the car, at the front or rear. Fixing larger anti-roll bars ensures the car stays level with the road, optimizing tire contact patch. On the flip side, bigger sway bars can make a ride rough, because bumps on one side are transferred to the other end.

Adjustable Top Strut Mounts, Chassis Braces

Adding adjustable top strut mounts also called camber plates in place of your front suspension’s fixed rubber mounts, is a method used to fine-tune your alignment for cornering. The chassis braces offer better alignment allowing fine tuning and excellent road handling. Unfortunately, adding adjustable top struts results to more noise from the road coming through to the car’s body.

Larger Diameter Catalyst-Back Exhaust

A catalyst-back exhaust is an exhaust that begins at the end of the catalyst converter and goes back to the rear bumper. A larger diameter catalyst-back exhaust frees up your exhaust meaning your engine can breathe better and generate more power. The disadvantages of increasing the diameter of the pipes are your car may create more noises.

New Engine Heads

The cylinder head is the first restriction exhaust gases encounter after exiting the engine and the last air restriction entering the engine. A cylinder head acts as the lungs of the engine, by increasing its efficiency you gain more horsepower and torque. Cylinder heads have to be tough because they withstand immense pressure and high temperatures. Cylinder heads are vital in controlling air flow in and out of the cylinders and fuel deployment. Adding induction and exhaust upgrades could be a waste if there isn’t an efficient cylinder head design in place. New cylinder heads are significant in improving your engine’s performance.

Automotive parts and performance upgrades improve the performance, appearance or versatility of your cars. You can get all of these upgrades and more in San Antonio, Texas at R2 Motorsports. Do you want more automotive parts and performance tips? See Part 2 of our top improvements list.

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